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We are a unique agency, combining strong local knowledge and insight, with long-standing international experience… built over nearly 40 years in Thailand. Our team is committed to one thing….bringing brands to life in the lives of Thai consumers.

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We believe in Creativity that Works. Our client’s deserve nothing less! Therefore our emphasis is on creativity that gets to the point, answers the brief and taps uniquely into the consumer’s insight. But whilst we value creative that works for our clients, we also enjoy the accolades it brings!

We believe that creative campaigns can only be successful when they are built on strong and insightful communication platforms. We seek to deeply understand the lives of our consumers so that we know exactly what they want, where they want it… and when.

Today’s consumers can be found anywhere and everywhere. So it’s important that no matter where they connect with a brand, they should always get a consistent and impactful brand message. And because we bring brands to life, we ensure that each connection between the consumer and the brand is a welcome surprise….like running into an old and familiar friend.

The name Prakit is synonymous with media and we’ve always ranked in the Top 10 agencies in Thailand. Even today, with the many diverse options available, Prakit Media still delivers unique media insights and value that’s second to none.

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We believe that our greatest assets are our people.
Through their talents we can create great value for our clients, the work we produce, our shareholders and the community at large.

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